Whitefield Lido is a station that is served by Stepford Connect trains. This station released in V1.2 on the 28th of April 2019. Many SCR players speculated that this station would be after Edgemead on a new branch because of the unused through platforms there, but was confirmed that it is on the Whitefield branch.

Platform Layout

Platform 1 Stepford Connect services to Whitefield and Stepford UFC.
Platform 2 Stepford Connect services to Stepford Central and Stepford Victoria.
Platform 3
West Benton Pet Supplies Ad

The ad for West Benton Pet Supplies.


  • On platform 1 there is an ad for a store called " West Benton Pet Supplies" but there are no stores near West Benton. It's also sponsored by Matty Studios referencing the fact that West Benton is Matty's favourite station.
  • There is a siding near this station for trains to Stepford Central and Stepford Victoria to spawn at.
  • This station was revealed on February 17, 2019, by Mattyx2013.
  • Intrestingly, Whitefield Lido is very far away from Whitefield despite it's name.
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