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About Stepford County Railway

Stepford County Railway is a British-based railway network simulator on Roblox. The game was founded on 25 November 2017 and is currently on Version 1.3.9. All of the patch updates from V1.0 to the present can be found here.

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About the Stepford County Railway Unofficial Wiki

Here at the SCR Unofficial Wiki, we are a community that strives to provide all of the accurate information on Stepford County Railway you need to know. We aim for the information we provide to have little to no bias. Please feel free to surf through the pages! However, you need to keep this in mind - as with all wikis, the information in here not 100% reliable. This is due to the fact that anybody that has its account registered for several days is allowed to edit the contents, and sometimes it may include some misleading information. Please use this as a reference, not a source. The word "Unofficial" explains it. However, the wiki is regularly patrolled by our Moderators, Administrators and Bureaucrats to ensure that none of the edits are poor.

Although we try our best to ensure everything is as accurate as possible, we sometimes make mistakes. If you see something that is incorrect or breaks our rules, make sure you tell a Moderator or Admin!

We are a community where we attempt to honor hard working editors who are always motivated to improve the wiki. We introduced a leaderboard where people obtain points by earning badges. The badges that are available to earn can be checked in your profile page. Also, for our best contributors, we commemorate them by giving the Top Contributors award.

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The role of a moderator is to help keep things running smoothly on the wiki, keep it safe for all editors, and to keep content standardized. There are three types of moderators on this wiki: content moderators, chat moderators, and discussion moderators.


The role of an administrator (or simply admin) is to do all of the same things that a moderator can do, except they have the ability to block someone from the wiki, and they can contact the owner or co-owner if a rule violation by a user is detected. There are also certain power differences on the Discord server between moderators and administrators.


The role of a bureaucrat is the same as an administrator, except they have absolute administration powers. You cannot apply for this role; bureaucrats are appointed by existing bureaucrats and in a democratic community vote. The current bureaucrats are Kelvin22400, Vagueflunky8890, Billythepet, Omegamezzie and Elliottlmz.

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