Signaller [SG] is a group rank in the game that gives you access to the Rail Operations Centre where you can control the signals around the network.

Signallers can control the signal systems of the line at the Stepford East Rail Operations Centre as of V1.1. Before V1.1, you could control the signals at the Benton Rail Operations Centre, but it is now defunct.

The Senior Signaller is the High Rank and trainers of the Signallers rank, and the Head of Network Signalling is the head of the Signaling team, senior to everyone in the team.

Signallers are given a small number of commands to help deal with situations they may come across. However, they are still Low Ranks, and must request permissions from a Senior Signaller or any High Rank, Manager, or Director to use a mute or kick command. The commands they receive can be found on the Commands page.


The Stepford East ROC has 10 desks for Signallers to operate signals in the area of the desk. It also has few more desks for preparation for future updates.


Signallers were originally called 'Controllers' before The Big Update and there were about only 8 people who had this rank.

On December 28, 2017, there was a public 'Controller' training which boosted the number of controllers from 8 to about 20.

The old signallling room used to be in Coxly and only had physical buttons to change the signal and cameras to view the trains passing by, which made it hard to signal at that time. This area has been demolished as part of The Big Update. However, the area was still accessible to signallers until it caught the attention of the developers and it was locked off completely.

The signalling programme had a complete rewrite in the Big Update, and now it requires an application process and three stages of training.

In Version 1.1, the Rail Operations Center was relocated from Benton to Stepford East.

Since V1.1, the number of Signaller applications has increased to 246 applications with 90 accepted applicants, and then up to 446 applications with 97 applicant.

There are currently 384 signallers as of July 5, 2019.

To Obtain The Rank

The following is required when applying for the Signaller rank:

  • You must be in the SCR official ROBLOX group and Discord server.
  • You must be 13 years old or older to apply.
  • You must be a Dispatcher or above, or surpassed dispatch training to apply.

There are a few steps when achieving this rank:

  1. You must fill out an application found in #application-forms on Discord.
  2. Once you get accepted into the programme, you will receive a Trainee Signaller rank on Discord.
  3. The next step is to attend a Theory session, which tests your theory on the standards of signalling.
  4. After surpassing your Theory session, you will have to apply for practical, which lets you apply your knowledge of signalling on the desks. It usually takes place in any VIP server with minimal train traffic.
  5. Once you have completed both theory and practical training, you would have to surpass the final part of the training, which is the Assessment. The assessment tests your ability based on what you have learned from the theory or practical sessions towards a live server. You will receive the Signaller Rank, while holding the Trainee Signaller rank. Once you have passed your assessment, you are now able to officially signal in a live server while your Trainee Signaller Rank is removed.

SIGNALLER APPLICATIONS are currently open.

Apply here:

  1. You need to attend both the Theory & Practical Sessions for Signallers. A training schedule is available here. Note: You MUST have passed the Signaller Applications to be able to attend Signaller training sessions.
  2. After attending both of these sessions, you will be ranked as a Trainee Signaller and you must book an assessment with any Senior Signaller to become a fully qualified Signaller. There are 3 chances for assessments - if you fail 3 times, you will lose your Trainee Signaller rank and you will need to reapply.

Avoiding Demotion

  • Don't try and annoy people by deliberately adjusting the signals to danger without any purpose.
  • Don't use this rank as a way to discriminate lower ranks nor use commands without further knowledge.
  • Don't abuse or be insulting to staff but try avoiding getting into very 'outstanding' conversations with rude or intolerable people.
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