Senior Signaller (SSG) is a High Rank role that is senior to Signaller. This is both the highest rank that can be achieved in SCR and the rank that takes the most time. Senior Signallers will be able to host Signaller practical, theory sessions as well as assessments.

Application Status: Closed

Currently, there are 16 Senior Signallers.

Why does it take a lot of time? Edit

After you have joined the Roblox Group as a Trainee Driver, there are a lot of steps to follow after that.

  1. You need to attend the Qualified Driver (QD) training to become a Qualified Driver.
  2. You need to attend the Dispatcher (DS) training after becoming the QD to become a Dispatcher.
  3. You need to apply for Signaller, which opens about every 1-2 months.
  4. You need to attend the 3 step training process to become a signaller after you have successfully applied.
  5. You need to pass the Senior Signaller application AND training to happily become a SSG!