Stepford County Railway In-Game Shift is a new roleplaying mode innovated by [SSG] Quality_Content1 and [HNS] Billythepet. They are the 'king' of this mode.

To find out more information about shifts, please look at #in-game-shift-info on the SCR Official Discord.

Invite to the SCR Offical Discord:

What is SCR In-Game Shift?

Here is a quote from Billythepet explaining what this is in Discord:

"It’s basically like a roster where you can put your name down for a shift in Stepford County Railway. The main point about this is that we will be able to run the railway efficiently with the fixed timetable. There will be a lot of teamwork and communication involved so everyone can get a feeling of how to run the railway. A portion of the team will be set up so one will do their own roles under their specific ranks which they have been trained for. Not to mention that there will be some scenarios involved to make it more excited, the examples for the scenarios are the engineering work between Benton Bridge and Airport Central. The shift may be usually running for an hour or more depends on a host. So, how do you play? Basically, we will set up a sheet which players can enter their name in for their shift. As usual, first come serves and to enter your name and which shift you like to do, you just need to DM the host of the shift. We also have the spare sets in case one of the rank is unable to come at last time." To summarize this up:

  • It's a shift where people sign up for a spot. Its aim is to create realistic railway running for passengers (imagination). A shift is usually an hour and is determined by the host.
  • Driving, Dispatching, and Signalling are involved, alongside with realistic communication between 'employees' (people signed up for shift)
  • People can only sign up for the role they are trained for. (Ex. A Dispatcher may not sign up for a spot for Signallers)
  • There are scenarios for each shift to make them exciting.
  • You just have to DM the host to book a spot at the roster. First come, first served.

If you are still confused, here is the link to the official Google Doc explaining informations about shifts. It will answer most of your confused questions.

What are the requirements?

There are a few requirements in order to sign up for a roster spot in SCR In-Game Shift.

  1. You must be a Qualified Driver or above.
  2. You must be in SCR Discord group. This technically means that you must be at the age of 13 or older in order to sign up.
  3. You must check the roster time and make sure that you are able to attend.
  4. Spawn at appropriate times when starting to drive, dispatch, or signal. This is very important as failure to follow the schedule will fluctuate the realism of the shifts.


Because the register system for shifts was added into the SCR Official Discord, the Discord server formerly used for shifts is now defunct.