There is a whole page of statements regarding the vandalism policy in this wiki, which can be found here. Vandalism is an act of deleting contents in the wiki and/or adding false/misleading information.

  1. Most important - This is an editable wiki, which means that anyone that has viewed this wiki for a long time are allowed to edit the informations, and the Executives are not working on this. Therefore, the information is not 100% reliable, although we are trying our best to make it as perfect as possible. Use this wiki as a reference.
  2. To make the information as clear to the readers as possible, please use appropriate grammar, spelling, and formal word usage.
  3. Please confirm that your information that you are adding to the wiki is officially stated by the SCR management members or is included in the game. Refrain from adding information from an unreliable source (Example: Rumors in the SCR Discord Server, An impostor of the Executive members declaring upcoming information in the game)
  4. Please use an appropriate username. Impersonating anyone in the Wiki's Staff or in the SCR management team in this wiki is not allowed. Also, 'appropriate' means that everyone is okay with your username - please do not use "SCR SUX" or "GCR, MTG SUX" as your username.
  5. Using profanity in the comments section of the pages is not allowed.
  6. Please do not create pages about hidden stations in the SCR map. If a station's sneak peek is revealed by the Executives, then please use the image attached to the sneak peek only.
  7. Please do not commence an argument or a fight with a moderator or higher ranked member. If you have a complaint about a staff in SCR Unofficial Wiki, please report in #complaints channel in the Discord, or contact a bureaucrat or omegamezle (server owner).