Most Busy: Benton & Coxly - 1-3 minute train frequency on a very busy server

Most Platforms: Benton - 16

Least Platforms: Newry Harbour - 1

Least Busy: Leighton City - Very few services run through this station.

Shortest Platforms: Morganstown Docks & Whitney Green - Does not fit 4 coach trains.

Longest Platforms: Benton - Two platforms in one platform (sounds strange).

Closest stations: Port Benton & Morganstown Docks (only about 0.3 miles apart)

Furthest stations adjacent: Hampton Hargate & Water Newton (about 2.2 miles apart)

Stations without a road: Airport Central, Greenslade and Eden Quay.

Nicest station: St Helen's Bridge

Ugliest station: Tie between Stepford East and Leighton City

Connect Terminal: Port Benton, Leighton Stepford Road, Leighton City, Airport Central, Stepford Central, and St. Helen's Bridge.

WaterLine Terminal: Greenslade, Connolly, Newry, Newry Harbour, and Benton.