Overview Edit

After joining the group for Stepford County Railway, you can rank up to a Qualified Driver through passing a training. This rank enables you to attend the training to become a Dispatcher, or apply to become a Leading Driver. Also, you will be able to participate in the SCR In-Game Shift roleplaying.

Requirements to Attend QD Training Sessions:

  • Join the Group
  • Have at least 60 Experience

Calendar for the scheduled upcoming training can be found here.

Currently, there are 1,944 members registered in the group as Qualified Drivers

Criticism Edit

-From a view, the Qualified rank should be integrated. it just doesn't make sense to be called 'Qualified' from going to a simple training.

-Qualified Drivers often think their promotion means they get to do what they want. Verbally abusing will be a practical demotion. No second thoughts.

Avoid Demotion Edit

  • Be respectful to other players.
  • Don't SPAD (Deliberately) or, you will be demoted.
    • However, SPARs won't get you demoted, but instead the active signaler
  • Don't climb on gantries or go to closed areas on a public server.
  • Don't slack on the job and be an annoying troller. Especially do not troll by going slowly for your own fun.
  • Don’t teach TD's how to train to be a QD.
  • Don't leak info.