Low Ranks (LRs) are ranks in SCR that are considered minor, compared to High Ranks, Managers and Directors.

Ranks that are considered Low Ranks

  1. Trainee Driver - This is the rank you automatically get when you join the Roblox Group on SCR.
  2. Qualified Driver - This is the rank you get after successfully passing the Qualified Drivers Training. (QD training for short)
  3. Dispatcher - This is the rank you get after passing the Dispatcher Training (DS training). This rank will allow you access to the dispatching role in SCR.
  4. Signaller - This is the only low rank that needs an application before being trained to become the rank. This rank will grant access to the Stepford Rail Operation Centre (ROC).


Signallers are Low Ranks, but some people call it "middle rank" because of the mandatory application process, and also because they are allowed some of the commands in-game.

Officially, there are no middle ranks.