Version 1.0 Edit

Versions 1.0.1 through 1.0.4 were released with no patch notes.

  • 1.0.5: Patched bugs, increased reliability of sensors, signal tweaks after SPADs, the part streaming system added in beta.
  • 1.0.6: Class 465 fixed, driving tutorial added, settings fixed cross-platform, static map added, Whitney Green Depot fixed.
  • 1.0.7: Dispatching on mobile devices added.
  • 1.0.8: Passengers can no longer jump out of their seats when their train is moving, automatic despawns for passengers when their train despawns, fixed jump button on mobile devices, fixed Signalling GUI for mobile, new status for Dispatch GUI.

Versions 1.0.9 and 1.0.10 were released with no patch notes.

  • 1.0.11: Class 380 added, temporary fix to derailing, 'rerail' function added.
  • 1.0.12: Some announcements fixed, door sounds fixed, old Coxly sign replaced, state issue with Utility Button fixed, announcement boards tweaked, station detection tweaked.
  • 1.0.13: Default menu music changed, many new menu song selections, respawn and ejection systems tweaked, "does not stop here" announcement loop fixed, trains spawning on each other in depots fixed.
  • 1.0.14: VIP server fixes.
  • 1.0.15: Class 321 livery redone.
  • 1.0.16: Improved performance, additional data loss protection, memory leak protection improved.
  • #onemillion Update (1.0.17): Class 730 added, certain scenery colored gold in commemoration of one million place visits.
  • 1.0.18: VIP server fixes.
  • 1.0.19: Major game issues caused by Roblox update patched.
  • 1.0.20: GUI buttons fixed for mobile devices.
  • 1.0.21: Chat issues caused by Roblox update patched.
  • 1.0.22: Back button fixes on some menus.

Version 1.1 Edit

Versions 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 were released with no patch notes.

  • 1.1.3: Signallers have the ability to earn points while signaling, foot crossings were fixed, statistics on the length of time per role is now being recorded; though there is no way to see them although a way to see the statistics is being planned out, badges fixed.
  • 1.1.4: Training button on the main menu works and trainings have been changed to a new server, not a VIP server, accessible from the training button. Also added requirements for attending training (60 EXP. for QD training and 360 EXP. for DS training).
  • 1.1.5: Added Stepford East and removed New Harrow as a dispatchable station.
  • 1.1.6: 3 new badges and bug fixes.
  • 1.1.7: Added a new "Skip Preload" button on the loading screen and added West Benton as a dispatchable station.
  • 1.1.8: Added the Class 332
  • 1.1.9: Added the Class 360 and two new stations for Airlink: Airport Terminal 1 and Airport Terminal 2, and implemented the Matty badge.
  • 1.1.10: Added Airport Terminal 3 for Airlink

Versions 1.1.11 through 1.1.13 were released with no patch notes, included minor bug fixes.

  • 1.1.14: Replaced most repeaters with OFF indicators.
  • 1.1.15: Fixed a bug where the game codes the train to skip to two stations ahead when the driver accidentally overshoots/misses the station.
  • 1.1.16: Berrily platform 1 "trap" bug fixed. You should be able to leave Berrily P1 even if there is a long train or a spad'ed train waiting to enter P1. Phantom Dispatcher fixed. Phantom Signaller risk reduced.
  • 1.1.17: Removed "the train from (station)" announcement for services that go straight from the depot to terminus. Updated network map and Airlink map to have T3 on there. Added badges for the length of time since you first played the game (measured from this update and so on). Added 'Next Signal' indicator to the train HUD. This is the first version and will be improved. Always use your eyes and ears to check the true signal status. Updated AWS such that the alert should update if the signal changes state before you reach it.
  • 1.1.18: Bugs with the next signal indicator identified above are fixed. Reliability improvement to buying points - there was previously an issue where an error could cause you to lose purchased points in a few isolated cases. That error has been found and corrected. Better handling of a playerFolder initialization error.
  • 1.1.19: Edgemead "SPAD trap" fixed by changing priorities. Rocket Parade lighting evened out, intensity reduced, light leakage mitigated. Rank/Role reliability improvements, and improved cache-busting to prevent outdated rank information. When you rejoin the game, it will fetch your rank again instead of a cached version, so you no longer have to find a "new" server. "Skip Intro" button to skip the camera scenes after loading. Mobile touch issue on toggles/sliders in settings menu fixed. You can now toggle switches and move the sliders as intended. Slight improvement in behaviour with toggles/sliders on PC too.
  • 1.1.20 switches to a new group API which provides additional improvements to determining rank that should help reduce the occurrence of missing rank, outdated rank, hidden training button, and invalid admin permissions.
  • 1.1.21 includes further improvements in determining rank and admin permissions.
  • 1.1.22 fixes the Stepford East points issue caused by publishing an incomplete update before, and includes changes to the points store in terms of quantity and price of some packages, and the new minimum points package is 300 points as 150 points was causing some accounting errors due to Roblox tax on the 5 robux. Reduced number of packages from 9 to 6 and removed some of the smaller values in between.

Version 1.2 Edit

1.2.1 contains some bug fixes and a change to DS training server size:

Pedestrians can cross at Houghton Rake and Woodhead Lane as expected. CIS boards with scrolling "Calling At" text should now work as intended. Signal fix for C046 (near Whitefield) which appeared to have a train waiting when there wasn't. - Dispatch training server size reduced from 50 to 30. Improved server filling behaviour for training servers to ensure the full quoted number of players is achievable.

1.2.2: fixes signal C045 at Whitefield where a sensor was missing and allowed trains to enter the station while a train is exiting platform 3. Also, road and path fixes along the Whitefield extension caused by the road being too low and getting confused with the baseplate by the respawning system.

1.2.3: Signal C036 AWS ramp placement correction (should fix next signal indicator). Signal S132 AWS ramp added for trains coming from Berrily direction (should fix next signal indicator and provide AWS warnings as intended). Dispatching bug patched to prevent multiple triggers. Could previously be exploited to gain more points and confuse the system.Improved reliability on removing UI when leaving Dispatcher role.

1.2.4: Signal C039 AWS ramp correction.Trialling a new bogie to reduce physics overhead.

1.2.4x: Experimental version including further testing for the new bogies.

1.2.5: Further bogie / wheels stability improvements. Repositioning of many signals and other scenery that caused clipping with train bodies. Improved loading sequence from a physics and network ownership perspective. Timing improvements for dispatch to door closing sequence. Bug fixes relating to the reliability of door sounds playing (previously failed / skipped some stations based on bad conditional logic). Backward compatibility testing "shadow mode" release for a new feature coming soon.

1.2.6: Addition of Class 331 into Stepford Connect services to celebrate 3 million visits.

1.2.7: Bug fixes including Fallback to prevent the above issue occurring again, "super acceleration" by clicking spawn many times has been patched, many glass materials at stations replaced with plastic so you can see textures through them, and throttle up before train release has been patched.

1.2.8: Class 158 added for beta testers only.

1.2.9: Class 158 Bug fixes.

1.2.10: Class 158 fixes, some physics changes to try out, some tweaks to prevent trains getting stuck at Angel Pass, and a trial of shadow map lighting.

1.2.11: Passengers will no longer be able to stand on your train. Once the doors are closed and locked, any standing are teleported to the nearest seat, or despawned if full and Class 158 features added.

Version 1.3 Edit

1.3.1: Next Generation Class 185 (Airlink) replacement, completely new movement system with less reliance on Roblox default physics, quicker throttle input response, optimisations to the signalling system to prevent the server slowing down, some exploit patches, reforked PlayerModule to get the latest updates, and reforked ChatModules to get the latest updates the class 185 next generation is really laggy for iPad users so incredibly laggy if any thing dead laggy.