Leighton Stepford Road station, located in the center of the Leighton Zone, is a major interchange for Stepford Connect services to Stepford Central, St. Helen's Bridge and Edgemead. It is a terminus for services from Stepford Central.

Leighton Stepford Road is an overground station, featuring 5 platforms, 1 of which is a terminating platform. This station features a British Rail logo, and has a brown and white color theme. It is one of few stations that feature curved platforms. Upon entering the station, you will appear between platform 1 and 2. There is an underpass, leading you to platforms 3-5.

Platform No. Use
1 Terminating, Stepford Connect services to Stepford Central

Termimating, only if platform 1 is full,

Stepford Connect services to Edgemead and Stepford Central


Terminating, only if platforms 1 and 2 are both full,

Stepford Connect services to Edgemead and Stepford Central

4 Stepford Connect services to Stepford Central, Stepford Victoria, and St. Helen's Bridge


  • This station replaced Winstree upon opening in V1.0.
  • On occasion, when platform 1 is already in use, trains can utilize platform 2 or platform 3. This happens very rarely.
  • Platforms 3 and 4 are hardly used, since typically there is an easy flow of traffic at this station.
  • On all Connect trains (apart from the Class 68), the destination on the front of the train used to display "Leighton Stepford Road", until it was changed to just "Stepford Road".
  • This is the only station where each platform has 2 stop markers at both ends (Only exception is platform 1).
  • You can walk from here to Rocket Parade.
  • If you try to make on-board announcement for this staton, you will have to use "Laighton Stepford Road" instead of Leighton Stepford Road to get the voice similar to the in game one. (Actually this is same for Leighton City)
  • This station resembles Manchester Oxford Road station in Manchester, England.
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