Headcode is a very important aspect in the train operation in Stepford County Railway. A headcode is composed of four digits, three of them numerical and one alphabetical. The purpose of headcodes are to identify each train with a code and using them to smooth out communications between the drivers and the Dispatchers and Signallers.

The first digit indicates what type of service the train is operating.

  • 1 - Express Service (AirLink Nonstop services)
  • 2 - Stopping Service (All WaterLine and local Stepford Connect services)
  • 5 - Empty Coach Stock (Not in service - While the train moves from the depot to the nearest station)
  • 9 - Semi-Fast Service (Stepford Connect and AirLink services that skip some stations)

The second digit is alphabetical and indicates the train's destination.

The last two digits are randomly generated. However, a headcode will not overlap with another one in service.