The rank Guest is given to the new players when they first join a game server of Stepford County Railway. Guests are only allowed to Drive and ride trains as Passengers. Also, they cannot attend any of the trainings in SCR; they need to join the SCR ROBLOX Group and become a Trainee Driver to attend trainings. However, they will be able to try Dispatching and Signalling if they purchase and play in a VIP server.

List of the amenities that new SCR visitors first get at free price:

Getting into Stepford County Railway Life

If you are very interested in Stepford County Railway, and you have the Guest rank, then you may want to read this information below.

  • You should join the SCR ROBLOX Group. Nothing starts without joining the group, as the group grants you the Trainee Driver rank, the key to attend Qualified Driver trainings.
  • If you are mature and a teenager or above, you should join the SCR Official Discord Server (Join by clicking this). The Discord Server will allow you to converse with other SCR players, and you may ask any questions or doubts you have regarding the system. Make sure to create a Discord Account beforehand.
  • If you are under 13 years of age, you can still get information about upcoming updates or applications by searching @StepfordRail in Twitter.