A Dispatcher, more commonly referred to as a [DS], is a low rank in SCR. Dispatchers play a crucial role in the smooth operation of SCR, as they make sure traffic is consistently flowing as much as possible and all station departures are safe. They can easily be identified by their orange high-visibility jacket, baton and whistle.

Schedules for training sessions can be found here.

To enter a DS training you must:

  • Be a Qualified Driver
  • Have 360 experiance

There are currently 1,328 Dispatchers.

Dispatching Process

  1. Upon entering the game, go to the role selection and click "Staff Member," then click "Dispatcher."
  2. Select the station you want to dispatch at.
  3. The game will select platforms for you to dispatch at based on the vacancy. If a station is filled with dispatchers, switch to another station that is less crowded. If a platform(s) is available, then the game will assign the platform(s) for you to dispatch. You may have multiple platforms to dispatch, which can get tricky especially on busy servers.
  4. Wait for a train to arrive. When one arrives, you can greet the train with a message (e.g. Hello [headcode]! Please stop at the S marker). When the train stops, stand in the middle or toward the rear of the train and wait.
  5. As the "TRTS" (Train Ready To Start) button is available in the GUI, it must be clicked to prepare for the train's departure.
  6. Look at the OFF indicators found on the platform. If the sign is lit on, it means that there is an amber or green signal ahead, and you are clear to dispatch the train. If the sign is NOT lit up, then the signal ahead is red, and it is not safe to dispatch the train. To dispatch the train, click "Dispatch" on the GUI and keep still until the train leaves the station.


There was once CD RA indicators at Bodin, however very few people ever got the chance to use them. Personally, (kieranhendy) I got to use it once during my training and I was never given a key again. The indicators were removed when the station was re-designed.

The dispatch process used to be manual and people would constantly ignore dispatchers which prompted the addition of the GUI system which we have in-game today.

Dispatching Extras

  • If your train went past a red signal upon arrival and SPADed, you are clear to dispatch the train.
  • If there is a train that came after the SPADing train, you must dispatch the SPADing train first.
  • You should really dispatch late trains first, no matter the order of the train which entered.
  • As of the V1.1 update, Dispatchers now receive 5 points per dispatched train as opposed to the previous 1 point, due to the complaints of some Dispatchers.

Platform Assignments

You will be always placed to the lowest dispatch code.

Avoiding Demotion

  • You cannot use gantries as a shortcut to switch platforms. Doing so can get you in a lot of trouble.
  • It is up to the dispatcher whether or not he or she wants to dispatch the train at the banner repeater or at the middle of the train.
  • If the train has overshot, you are required to stand at the MIDDLE of the train.
  • Trackwalking is strictly prohibited, so is the aforementioned "Crossing using the Gantries". The "Shift to Sprint" system is there for a reason.
  • If you are dispatching a 3 or 5 car train, you need to stand in the middle of the middle car. For 2 and 4 car trains, it is simple, stand in the middle carriage separator.
  • Do not stand on roofs of stations.
  • Face the direction of where the train is going when dispatching.