The Class 802 A-Train trains are used for AirLink services. These trains are 5 cars in length, with a max speed of 110 MPH. The cost of this fleet is 3000 points.


  • It has the highest class number of any train. The one behind it is the Class 730.
  • It has the highest speed of all trains, with a maximum speed of 110 MPH along with Class 387, and Class 350.
  • It is the only Hitachi A-Train in the game.
  • These trains are also called Nova 1. It is also the only one of the three Transpennine Express Nova trains in SCR. 
  • It was first revealed in a sneak peak on the SCR Discord Server. 
  • The Class 802 appears during the final seconds of BanTech's SCR V1.1 Teaser video. 
  • The Class 802, along with the Class 68 and Class 720 on Connect, are the only trains not to have yellow on the front and back ends of the train, while the Class 730 on WaterLine only has yellow on its end gangways. 
  • This train and the Class 68 are the only trains not to have a destination sign. 
  • In real life, the maximum speed of class 802 is 125 miles per hour; this is because the A-Trains are being built to replace the aging InterCity 125. If the speed is increased to 125 mph, it would be the fastest train in SCR.
  • This train is one of the three most expensive trains in SCR. The others are the Class 68 and the Class 387.
  • This train and Class 185 have the same horn.
  • The livery is outdated due to the fact that the livery was adjusted to orange rather than yellow.


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