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A picture of Class 700 at Coxly in its Christmas Livery.


The Class 700 Desiro City trains were used for Stepford Connect services. This train was 6 cars in length, with a maximum speed of 100 MPH. This train was discontinued on The Big Update, being replaced by the Class 707 which still runs services today.


  • Before the Class 357 was added, this was considered the "noob" train before The Big Update due to the fact that it was not a gamepass train. All other trains had to be paid in Robux until The Big Update removed the gamepasses.
  • The train faced AWS issues in the early stages of the game, however, these were soon rectified.
  • This was the first train ever in the history of SCR.
  • It was the longest train in the entire fleet until its removal. Now, the 185/2 is the longest train at also 6 cars.
  • To celebrate Christmas, one of the Class 700 cars was given a special red Christmas livery.
  • After its discontinuation, a part of the train's coaches was displayed at Benton ROC, but was soon removed along with its resting tracks, when the Benton ROC was relocated and discontinued.
  • In real life, these trains have 8 (class 700/0) or 12 coaches (class 700/1), not 6.
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