The Class 700 Desiro City trains were used for Stepford Connect services. This train was 6 cars in length, with a maximum speed of 100 MPH.


  • Before the Class 357 was added this was considered the "noob" train before The Big Update due to the fact that it was not a gamepass train. All other trains had to be paid in Robux.
  • The train faced AWS issues in the early stages of the game, but they were soon rectified.
  • This was the first train ever added in the history of SCR.
  • To celebrate Christmas, one version of the Class 700 was given special red Christmas livery.
  • After it got replaced, the first car of the train was displayed at Benton ROC, but after the ROC got relocated, Network Rail took it out of the building, scrapped it, and probably used the materials to build a new train.