The Class 508 is an electric multiple unit currently running services for WaterLine. It is one of two trains (the other being the Class 158/9 and Class 158/0) in the first iteration of the Next Generation fleet.

The train features working, animated doors and a complete interior and the first of its kind on WaterLine.


  • This is the slowest train in all of Stepford County Railway, with a max speed of 75 MPH along with Class 465 and Class 458/5. 
  • When introduced, this was the only train to have automatic pocket doors. The 319 and 321 are receiving it in the future while the 707 has it right now. 
  • This train is more frequently run than the Class 465. The Class 508 has much better structures, better decals, and sounds than the Class 465.
  • In real life, These trains currently are operated by Merseyrail and were formerly operated by British Rail Southern Region, SouthEastern and Silverlink.
  • The Class 508 also shares its engine sound effects with the Class 319 and Class 321 on Connect.
  • In real life, these trains are operated by Merseyrail, and are also similar to the Class 315 operated by TfL Rail and London Overground, the Class 313 operated by GTR Southern and Great Northern and the 314 operated by Abellio ScotRail.
  • As well as this, the 508 has an identical, yet separate unit, the Class 507, also operated by Merseyrail - the main difference between the two are that the 507 units were initially built in 3-car variations, whilst the 508 units were built in 4-car variations, until they were transferred to Merseyrail after being replaced by the Class 455 in the Southern Region, whilst also being shortened to 3-car units. It's Southern Region code was 4-PER.
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