CIS boards are screens placed around the platforms of the stations that display information of the train


A CIS board at Benton.

approaching the platform. They usually show the upcoming stations and the tardiness of the train. If no train is nearby, the screen will either post no information or display "Welcome to (Station or City Name)." Also, the screen will tell the user if the train approaching will skip the station. The CIS Boards can be in different styles in each station.

Collecting Information

To collect your schedule information, there is a grey detector placed near the approaching point of a train at a station. They deliver the information to the board and they display it. An announcement is also played.

Some stations do not have CIS boards, namely Berrily, Morganstown, Beaulieu Park, and St. Helen's Bridge (AirLink platforms only).


  • The most common infobox style is the long, black infobox with yellow text. These infoboxes can be found in stations like Benton Bridge, Benton and Coxly.
  • The rarest infobox style is the hanging infobox at Stepford East. They are also the most detailed and the biggest infobox.
  • The displays used to have connector blobs in a vertical arrangement before the big update
  • In the previous versions of SCR, The CIS Boards were less detailed and very poor scripting was added to the game
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